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Welcome to Universal Health & Wellness Center. Our chiropractic office is located at 7960 Donegan Drive #233 Manassas, VA 20109. Call us today to schedule an appointment at (703) 366-3199.

Relieve your pain. Reclaim your life.

The chiropractor and physical therapy staff at the Universal Health & Wellness Center of Manassas VA believes that no individual should have to go through life living in pain. Pain is something we condition ourselves to get used to. Sometimes it happens over time as we age, and other times it happens as the result of an accident, injury or surgery. In each of those cases people often slowly but surely begin to accept this pain as a part of their lives.

Advanced Chiropractor Treatments in Manassas VA

Our chiropractors think about pain differently. Rather than just helplessly coping with it, we believe in taking a pro-active approach to eliminating the pain that interferes with the enjoyment of life. With state-of-the-art chiropractic facilities, advanced scientific research, and a passionate staff of forward-thinking and creative chiropractic professionals, we have dedicated our chiropractic clinic to just that. See why we are the most respected and trusted Chiropractor in Manassas VA.

Manassas Physical Therapy

Injuries can take a huge emotional and physical toll. Our physical therapy programs were designed to help your body and your mind recover so that you can enjoy life. From physical exercises to emotional support, our friendly physical therapists are dedicated to giving you the care that you deserve and helping you reach your goals. See why we are the leader in Physical Therapy in Manassas VA.

Auto Accident Recovery in Manassas VA

Suffering from an auto accident can cause serious injuries that require drastic medical attention. Fortunately, the Manassas chiropractors at the Universal Health & Wellness Center have years of experience with helping auto accident victims return their bodies to health.

Life is to be enjoyed. Let us help make yours more enjoyable.

To relieve your pain and reclaim your life, contact the chiropractor and physical therapy experts at the Manassas VA Universal Health & Wellness Center today for a consultation at (703) 366-3199.

We are the best choice in Manassas for Chiropractor and Physical Therapy treatments. Here's why:

  • Same day and next day appointments
  • No referral or insurance needed appointments
  • Affordable cash payment options
  • Flexible hours, open Saturday
  • Spanish speaking doctors and staff

We provide specialized treatments in Manassas VA for:

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