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Physical Therapy in Manassas VA

For physical therapy in Manassas VA, you have a lot of options. Most of them are limited to basic facilities without the full array of rehabilitation equipment available today. Only Universal Health & Wellness Center has the top doctors and physical therapists, but also the most extensive physical therapy and rehabilitation facility of any physical therapist in Manassas VA. Why does the rehab facility equipment matter? In particular, most physical therapists in Manassas VA only have resistance bands, dumbbells, platforms and basic physical therapy measures. Given that Universal Health & Wellness Center is a comprehensive physical therapy facility, we incorporate all aspects of equipment and technology into your rehabilitation. We have the most state-of-the-art weight resistance equipment, ergometer, pedal exercisers, treadmill, continuous passive motion, and other medical technology. Our doctors and physical therapists are able to speed your recovery and pain relief with having all of the most advanced physical therapy treatment equipment and techniques available.

When you are injured, recovery time and rehabilitation speed is paramount. Manasses residents work hard and play hard. You need to get back to your daily life, whether that be your job or sport. By having your rehabilitation accelerated by our modern facility and passionate, expert staff, Universal Health & Wellness Center will get you back to you daily lives faster and with the most complete recovery attainable by modern medicine. Universal Health & Wellness Center leads the Manassas VA physical therapy and occupational therapy community by investing in the most sophisticated rehabilitation technology and has one of the most advanced physical therapy centers in the Northern VA region.

Need to Find a Professional Physical Therapist in Manassas VA?

Dr. Kevin Reiman and is one of the most trusted and respected chiropractors, sports medicine, and physical therapists in Manassas VA, Prince William County and Northern Virginia. Along with the Physical Therapy Director, Raul Aguilar, both are fluent in Spanish. They have both served the Manassas VA community throughout their careers in Virginia's leading physical therapy center: Universal Health & Wellness Center.

Get Back To Your Lives, Manassas. Speed Up Your Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Now!

The Manassas physical rehabilitation therapists at Universal Health & Wellness Center think about your recovery and rehabilitation as it were their own bodies that were recuperating. Rehabilitation and recovery requires time, but there is the "smart way" and the more painstaking way. Our methods are based on sports medicine. The same methods that professional atheletes utilize to get back to their lives. They are trusted, pragmatic, and lead you to rehabilitation in the fastest and least discomforting way possible. Every patient is unique and their physical therapy is unique to their bodies, age and rehabilitation needs. Young or old, missing work or missing play, Universal Health and Wellness will get you to recovery in the most efficient and pragmatic way.

Get Over With Your Injuries, Manassas. Let Us Improve Your Life!

To make you physical tehrapy the most effective and expedient, talk to us about the most effective and advanced Physical Therapy in Manassas VA today at Universal Health & Wellness Center. For your consultation, call us at (703) 366-3199.

Our patients come from throughout Northern Virginia, including Bristow, Centreville, Chantilly, Haymarket, Gainesville, Manassas, Woodbridge.

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